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Speechless Cookbook

Ever tried to explain a three year old how long it takes until dinner is ready? Your guest from France can hardly understand you in the kitchen? Your beloved significant others think cooking is really just too hard for them?
Never again!

What is it?
Speechless cookbook takes away the pain of reading through incredibly long text arrangements and gives you back the beauty of discovering recipes in a new and simple way. Recognizable and well-designed symbols make it easy for you to understand every step of your recipe without ever reading one line of text.

So get your three year olds and let them “read” the recipes for you and make sure the kitchen is a place for quality time again!

Vegan Edition
Being vegan is easy and effortless if you start with the right cookbooks. So we decided to make it a little bit easier and get rid of the unnecessary text and animal based ingredients.

Speechless Cookbook – Text free vegan recipes that everyone understands!

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