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Enhance your every day music experience!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore gamer or a daily business guy, Clicktunes will adapt to your performance and play music that will perfectly match your everyday life!

We measure your daily activities e.g. writing mails, playing games or exploring blogs and translate it into suitable music you will love.

Are you tired of searching Spotify*. for countless playlist that will fit your daily activities?
Clicktunes will adjust the currently played music according to your real time performance.*A premium Spotify account is recommendable.

Hokospokus fidibus – Enjoy delicious tunes and never search for music anymore. Treat yourself!

Clicktunes will measure your current activities (actions per minute) and translate them magically into matching music from Spotify. Nice isn’t it?
But wouldn’t it be great if clicktunes would switch to bone shaking hard rock if you start playing your favorite game?
What if your music would actually indicate your current mission content in your favorite game?
What if you like heavy rock instead of instrumental when looking at your favorite cat memes around the internet?
Your needs matter to us and thats why you can save your own built presets for every situation. (Even if you don’t like cat memes)

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Clicktunes – Enhance your every day music experience!

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